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Why Your Mobile App Needs SEO

Why Your Mobile App Needs SEO
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Mobile apps provide quick and efficient solutions to everyday tasks and convenient access to news and entertainment. They’re easy to find and download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. If mobile apps are so popular and accessible, why then do they still need search engine optimisation¬†(SEO)?

If you’re reading this article, that’s probably because you own a mobile app, or work for a company that develops mobile apps. In any case, you’ll get find this article very useful.

Here are reasons why you need SEO for your app:

A more powerful optimisation strategy

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is a tool used to rank higher and increase the number of installs in the App Store or Google Play. There may be some of you who are already implementing this strategy. However, supplementing ASO with SEO is a better and more powerful way for your app to conquer the digital space and get more installs. Having an ASO-SEO strategy will help you cover all bases, reach farther and get more users to use your product.

Organic installs

Organic downloads are just as good as organic online sales – they attest to the app’s intrinsic value and utility.

SEO will help increase the visibility and volume of organic downloads of your app. According to Google, “one in four app users discover apps through a search engine.” The same report also states that search is more effective for technology, travel, and local apps.

Using thorough keyword research, your mobile app can appear in search results through organic short snippets and app packs. It can also appear as the subject of written articles.

Mobile retail conversions

App discoverability is key to increasing mobile retail conversions. This is especially true for travel, food and entertainment apps which offer discounts and paid subscriptions. If your app is not discoverable, how can people actually download and use it? You need to promote your app online in order for you to gain more revenue for it.

In 2015, Google began including new apps on search results for organic mobile searches. Through a dedicated portion for apps on Google’s search results page, you can appear and promote your app to people who would find it convenient.


Using SEO content marketing can help your mobile app lead in its category. There’s a wide range of themes available for you to base your SEO content on from app reviews on tech blogs to instructional articles. You can even write listicles about how your app can be useful in different situations. By producing a lot of relevant and valuable SEO content, you’re able to position yourself as a trusted authority, which then would lead to more searches and more installs.

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