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SEO Strategies to Boost Your Rank this 2018

SEO Strategies to Boost Your Rank this 2018
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more dynamic year after year. Because of the system’s growing sophistication, it’s a must for entrepreneurs like you to keep yourself updated. Here are just a few strategies that you have to take note of and practice in order to boost your rank today and onwards.

Write authoritative SEO content.

Writing has always been an SEO strategy. Combining technical SEO with written SEO leads to better ranking in page results. However, it was only recently when practitioners refined their material. Because of the growth of content marketing, SEO content writers are now challenged to constantly create relevant and authoritative content. While filler articles aren’t a thing of the past and still exist, quality SEO articles dominate online data.

A good way to start is by taking a look at the questions under the “People Also Ask” feature at the bottom of the Google search results page. You can develop articles based on actual questions people are asking.

Make sure your content is qualitative enough to be read by Google’s algorithms.

Google rewards well-written SEO content by featuring a paragraph of the article on top of the search results page. This is called a “featured snippet”. If your article is of high quality and well-researched, then Google will pull out your content from your website to appear prominently on its search engine.

How does Google determine the quality of your content?

Through its RankBrain AI system. If your article attracts a sizable traffic, then your keywords become ‘concepts’ and appear on top of the page. But if users ignore your article, RankBrain will replace yours with another that is gaining more clicks! So make sure that your article is wholly ‘clickable’. Use an enticing title, a meta description with popular keywords, and content that is educational and enjoyable to read.

Other factors that will affect your ranking are ‘Bounce Time’ and ‘Dwell Time’, which are the time spent entering and exiting your article site, and the time spent on your article, respectively.

Mine keywords from Google Adwords and online forums such as Reddit.

Google ads and online forums have recurring phrases from its users which you can use as keywords. For example, you can go on Reddit and search for “SEO Singapore” and see which terms frequently come up in the comments section.

Continue to build a strong link portfolio.

Linkbuilding is an important SEO strategy. You need to relevant, authoritative and well-researched articles on valuable websites. and industry blogs. Having good content is negligible if you put them up on spammy websites.

Work with a professional SEO agency.

Majority of businesses here turn to Singapore SEO services agencies for all their SEO needs. By engaging agencies that perform SEO services Singapore companies are able to concentrate on improving their core business while the agency takes care of its online ranking needs. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking, we advice seeking the assistance of a professional SEO agency than doing it independently.



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