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Pros and Cons of Developing an App for iOS Devices

Pros and Cons of Developing an App for iOS Devices
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Creating solutions for mobile users through apps is a great way of improving profits for your business. As Google rolls out its mobile-first search indexing, you’ll expect users to spend more time on their phones than on their tablets and laptops.

One of the most important development decisions you will be making is deciding which operation system (OS) you will be developing your app for. Currently, there are three OS that you could choose from: iOS, Android, and Windows. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of developing an app for iOS devices.


You get to reach audiences coming from areas with higher income per capita.

If you are looking to attract users from North America and Europe, then iOS is the better platform for you. iOS devices are more popular in Europe and North America, which are more advanced economically than the rest of the world. That translates to more spending power. This study indicates that Apple devices are also more popular among media and business professionals.

You get to earn more from your apps.

Apple earns 45% more income per user. It’s also more likely for an iOS device user to make in-app purchases than an Android user. In the UK, 66% of e-commerce purchases are made on iOS mobile devices. Repeat purchases are also more common among Apple users. Companies with apps on the App Store made 70% more earnings than Android app developers last 2017.

iOS users are more loyal and engaged.

iOS device users are more loyal, with 62% of them reporting satisfaction with their phones and tablet computers. They also have a higher degree of app loyalty and engagement. iOS device users take more time reviewing the apps they’re downloading on their phone because they want something that is as good as the device itself. If your mobile app is truly responsive to their needs, offers a unique user experience, and has a great design, then you’re sure to have iOs device users on your side.

Developing a mobile is easier and costs less.

iOS device app developers use a closed system which requires fewer lines of code. Having fewer lines of code required translates to having fewer bugs. There is also a significantly smaller number of devices and operating systems to hurdle.


The market share is significantly smaller.

Reaching a more affluent market means gunning for a significantly smaller market share. In Singapore, only 9.54% of the market using Apple mobile devices. The number is slightly higher for Malaysia at 14.34%.

However, since iOS device users are willing to pay more for their apps, earning profits shouldn’t be a problem.


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