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How to Find the Right Creative Agency for Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Find the Right Creative Agency for Your Marketing Campaigns
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Finding the right creative agency is key to executing your brand campaigns well. Whether you’re launching a new brand, rebranding, or introducing a new product under your brand, you need to find an agency that understands your marketing goals and objectives. Here are tips on how to find the right agency.

  1. Clarify your objectives. Prior to the pitching process, you should be clear on what your objectives are, and what market segments you’re targeting. Do you aim to create awareness, or are you keen on increasing sales? Which markets are you targeting? Having clear objectives will make the pitching process easier for you and the competing creative agencies.
  2. Scout for leads. Now look for candidates to invite to your pitch. Ask for referrals from your network and look online. When finding leads, make sure to look at their expertise and experience both in marketing and creatives. It pays to have an agency which not only offers an artistic perspective, but also an understanding of how marketing and advertising works. Watch their previous work and know which industries and companies they have worked with. Stability is another factor to consider. Stable creative agencies can deliver your campaign skillfully with more resources. Three is the standard number of lead creative agencies to contact.
  3. Conduct introductory meetings. Invite each creative agency to individual introductory meetings where you can tell them more about your company, brand and product or service, and the campaign you’re planning. This is where you discuss your objectives, campaign timelines, pitch requirements and schedule. Standard pitch requirements include a presentation showing how they plan to execute your campaign, their timeline, and costs. Most agencies require prospect clients to pay pitch fees if you want them to create visuals. If your campaign will be launched worldwide, you most likely would have the budget for this. However, if it’s a smaller campaign, then having a standard pitch would do.
  4. Hold the pitch process. Reserve a whole day for you and your team to watch the pitches. Prior to pitch day, randomly select which agency should go first, and so on and so forth, and send a notice to them in separate e-mails. Each presentation should be no more than twenty minutes and there should be a Q&A segment after each pitch.
  5. Make a decision. Choose the agency which understood your objectives best. The agency that you choose should also have done thorough research, pitched truly innovative ideas, and have the capability to help you leave a mark among consumers in the coming years.

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