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How to Develop a Great Mobile App

How to Develop a Great Mobile App
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Nowadays, people depend on mobile apps to access important services on-demand. There’s Uber, Grab, and Lyft for on-call rides. There are even grocery and food delivery apps available now.

First, identify the needs of the market right now. What type of task, product or service do people want to access on mobile and on-demand? Usually, these needs are personal and professional in nature. Knowing where to find on-call physicians for cardiological illnesses is an example of a need.

The second thing that you need to identify is your target mobile phone user markets. Who do you think will need on-call cardiologists? Who do you think will call a cardiologist when something happens to that mobile phone user?

Then, find out what kind of mobile apps exist in the market that tries to address those needs. Identify their strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Those weaknesses and gaps are what you should focus on addressing. You and your team need to thoroughly assess the market before working on anything. Some of the questions you could ask following the example above are the following:

  • Are there any on-call physician mobile apps available?
  • Is that mobile app available for my location? (example: Singapore or Malaysia)
  • What are the features of these mobile apps?

If there are no mobile apps available yet for that need, then you’re in a very good place. Take a good look at the user reviews as well. User reviews are a great place to mine for existing mobile apps’ weaknesses and gaps that you could potentially address.

The next thing you have to do is to write down what kinds of tasks or services you want your mobile app to provide. Then, list down the types of features that you want your mobile app to have. Lastly, make a rough sketch of how you want your mobile app to work.

Once you have all these details ready, then it’s time for you to look for a mobile app company that can help you develop it. There are a lot of mobile app companies worldwide, but we suggest considering a mobile app company Singapore-based, or a mobile app company Malaysia-based. Here are the reasons why. First, the mobile app market will be shifting to Asia Pacific in the next few years. So you’d want to get a head start and work with companies from the region that have the expertise that you need. Second, Singapore and Malaysia are known to be economic and technological hubs, so you’ll definitely find a wealth of talent there in terms of web and mobile app development. They may also share new knowledge and technologies, taking you a step ahead of your competition.

One of the companies that we recommend looking into is Ambient, Ambient.sg, Web & App Development Agency Singapore & Malaysia. Ambient has a lot of experience providing digital strategy, web development and mobile app solutions to companies in Singapore and Malaysia. Visit Ambient at Ambient.sg and get started on your mobile app project today!

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