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How to Attract Online Audiences to Your Live Events

How to Attract Online Audiences to Your Live Events
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Businesses today prioritize digital marketing initiatives over traditional promotional models such as events. Many companies prefer digital because it’s easier to track and delivers authentic customer engagement. Companies see higher engagement as a good return on investment since it affirms the popularity and strength of their brand. In many cases, it also affirms brand leadership in many industries, especially in tech and retail. While we cannot yet directly attribute sales conversions and increases to digital marketing campaigns, we can say that they contribute a lot.

Though businesses prefer digital marketing, the power of live events and other forms of traditional promotions is not lost. Majority of Singaporeans still do their purchases in stores, so it pays to create campaigns that will appeal to them when they’re out shopping.

Because digital marketing and traditional promotions equally appeal to a lot of Singaporeans, it’s fitting for companies to integrate these initiatives together to maximize their effect on consumers. Integrating marketing initiatives works two ways. On one hand, digital marketing creates awareness among online audiences about a certain event and inspires them to attend. This is important, especially since 70 percent of Singaporeans are active on social media.  Digital marketing can help you reach out and inspire the majority faster and efficiently. Conversely, events bolster a brand’s ability to physically connect with consumers, giving them memorable experiences that digital media cannot offer. Creating actual engagements leads you to inspire consumers and share their experiences online. Integrating offline and online marketing initiatives are crucial in making your brand an inspiration, and gaining loyalty among consumers.

Attracting online audiences means creating an experiential, authentic, and meaningful offline event. To ensure your event becomes a success, you need to work with an events company that provides excellent service and has a proven track record. One of them is the event management company Marvele. Marvele provides event planning and management services, as well as venues sourcing, decors and fixtures, and audio-visual services. Visit their website Marvele.com to know more about their services.

It’s important for you to lay the groundwork and build the initial foundation before carrying out any digital marketing initiatives.  You can only start promoting you’ve begun organizing your event.

Executing a digital marketing initiative that incentivizes attendance, such as a competition on social media, is an effective way to get people to attend your event. Holding a competition over social media generates buzz and excitement over your event while rewarding audiences with prizes such as free passes. Broadcasting your event livestream is another great way to attract more people to attend your event, especially online audiences who are nearby.

Using hashtags before, after and during the event is effective in tracking reach and success. Hashtags can help you track event goers and identify consumer segments that you need to attract for your next event.

Successfully attracting online audiences to your live events lead to actual and meaningful engagement and boosts sales. Most importantly, getting them to attend strengthens your brand’s position both online and offline.


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