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How Technology is Sweeping the Wheelchair Rental Industry

How Technology is Sweeping the Wheelchair Rental Industry
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Technology has definitely made a lot of processes much easier in Singapore. Basic needs like food and clothes to places we live and work have all jumped on the technology bandwagon and this has greatly improved many processes and the lives of numerous individuals.

One such industry where technology is gaining traction is the rental industry. In the past, people were only renting items like cars, bicycles, or locations like homes or office spaces. Even then most rental transactions occur physically between the owner and the renting party. Nowadays, with the proliferation of technology, renting has extended to study spaces, co-working spaces, bicycle sharing and even wheelchairs. In fact, wheelchair rental in Singapore is made so much easier by technology and is fast gaining popularity.

The following are some ways in which technology is sweeping the wheelchair rental industry:

Modern Wheelchairs
Improvements in technology have led to wheelchairs that can support much heavier weights despite having relatively low net weights. These wheelchairs are made of waterproof materials, enhanced features like hand and wheel brakes and foldability functions yet they still maintain the basic function of providing improved mobility. Some of the wheelchairs are even motorized, thus making movement easier with the simple click of a button. Wheelchair rental companies will ensure that they provide the appropriate wheelchair to meet the needs of a user be it for a visit to the doctor for scheduled check-ups, moving around the house or neighborhood or even a short trip overseas with family.

Market Analysis
Wheelchair rental companies now utilize modern tracking tools like Google Analytics to track market behavior. These tools will enable them to determine where the bulk of their customers are coming from. This may include analysis such as whether the customers come from a specific location or if they are tourists from particular countries who may be coming to Singapore for a short holiday and may need short term wheelchair rental for their loved ones. All this analysis tracking will enable wheelchair rental companies to improve marketing efforts to target specific locations and improve customer relations and ultimately profits.

Interactive Website
Wheelchair rental companies are now using technology and putting up interactive websites in an effort to improve customer engagement. These websites have detailed information on the wheelchair rental companies and their services. They also come with frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages and videos and graphics with displayed information on wheelchair specifications and rental process. Another user friendly aspect of these websites is their online booking forms. Potential customers can simply go to the website and find out more about the wheelchairs and services. Then they can fill up a booking form on the website and book a suitable wheelchair to rent. They can then go down to the location to collect the wheelchair for use.

The above are just some of the ways technology is greatly sweeping the wheelchair rental industry in Singapore. If you wish to rent a wheelchair, then visit Habibi Wheelchair Rental, a renowned company with premium wheelchairs and a user friendly website to book them.

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