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How Social Media is Changing Commercial Photography

How Social Media is Changing Commercial Photography
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Social media is one of the most important influences in society today. In the past decade, it has helped shape the way people write, view the world, think, and do business. It brought the wonders of travel to the fore and made spirited debates a normal part of life. The most important part of social media was that it was able to change various professional industries as a whole.

Commercial Photography and Social Media

Marketing, advertising, and professional photography are just some of the industries that evolved thanks to social media. Major brands are investing in social media marketing, creating viral videos and engaging their consumers personally. To create more engagement, brands depict trends and stories on their commercial photographs and not just products. They also use photos taken used on mobile phones to make themselves look more authentic, hence appealing to the social media savvy millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Where commercial photography appears today

Commercial photography has gone beyond magazine covers and product packaging. Nowadays, you can see commercial photography on all facets of social media. You would see the work of commercial photographers on Facebook and Instagram posts and on Sponsored Ads. While brands still use product photography, a majority of images depict people and strong messaging through stories to create engagement. The result of this is more valuable commercial photography. Commercial photography now goes beyond its traditional meaning of shooting images for profit. Commercial photographs today serve as tools for meaningful engagement, and not just for profit.

Social media has also influenced brand endorsements and market segmentation. While there are brands that still utilize major public personalities in traditional ads, a larger majority uses influencers (both ordinary people and celebrities) to promote their product through social media accounts. Formal photo shoots are not anymore just for print and digital advertising but social media posts as well. So if you see a perfectly-crafted Instagram post from an influencer, it’s highly likely that he or she had a commercial photographer shoot his or her photos.

Commercial photography used to cater to larger markets, for example, consumer class A. Now, influencers use commercial photography to cater to their followers, which are smaller market segments. If an influencer’s photos appeal to middle-class young mothers from Singapore, then all her photos should appeal to them. When it comes to commercial photography Singapore follows these global trends.

Commercial photographs are also used as stock photos. Stock photos have been around a little longer than social media, but social media made them more useful. A lot of brands, especially smaller ones, use stock photos in their social media material amd blogs.

A trusted Commercial Photo and Video Company

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