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How Halal Travel Guides are Using Digital Marketing to Promote Their Services

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Online travel guides have been cropping up a lot lately, now that more people are travelling abroad with some even working and living the nomadic lifestyle. Amidst the countless online travel guides, there is a specific niche catering to the Muslim community. These guides promote everything related to Muslim friendly countries such as halal buffet restaurants in Singapore, halal hotel in Bangkok and even best halal food in London.

However, these guides are not just jumping on the Muslim bandwagon but are utilizing cutting edge digital marketing to promote their sites. And this aspect will set the impetus for the rest of the article, so read on to find out more.

Web 2.0 Websites

The first type of digital marketing that these online Halal guides are using are Web 2.0 websites like Weebly & WordPress. Web 2.0 sites offer many interesting features such as attractive templates, widgets, chat bots, contact forms, opt in forms to subscribe to newsletters and much more.

Having these features on their sites will enable webmasters to engage their  target market better by providing a more user friendly and interactive experience with their visitors. This in turn will improve conversion rates and increase revenue for the site owners.

Social Media

Ever since social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exploded into the online scene over the last decade, many online users have latched onto these platforms to boost their profiles,  websites and even popularity. Online Halal & Muslim friendly guides have also seen the many benefits of social media and capitilize on it.

They upload almost everything from new headline attractive posts, eye catching pictures and features about their services on various social media sites. They have even used social media sites to buy ads and attract traffic. Of course, the most interesting thing about social media sites is that if any of the posts becomes immensely popular and goes viral, this will bring in an almost instant ripple effect and scores of new potential traffic and leads to the website.

Content Marketing

The next and one of the more crucial aspects of digital marketing that online Halal guides are tapping on is content marketing. As Google, the leading online search engine has said, put up fresh, relevant content and the traffic will come. So here is where these site owners have constantly created new, fresh and trending contents on their websites. These come in numerous forms such as 5oo or more word articles packed with pictures, interactive and eye pleasing infographics and of course, interesting and engaging videos.

But putting up the content is just part of the equation to rack in more traffic. These site users then utilize advanced content marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher on Search Engines, email marketing to engage their list of subscribers, social bookmarking to inform their social media followers of fresh content on their websites and much more.

Online halal and Muslim friendly guides know the power of digital marketing and have harnessed it to increase the popularity of their websites. One such website which you should definitely visit is HalalGo, which offers Muslim friendly guide such as halal places in Tokyobest halal restaurants in New York and even halal food in Hong Kong, is a prime example of how digital marketing has been utilized effectively to reap its benefits.

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