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Why You Need to Tell Your Brand Story on Social Media

Why You Need to Tell Your Brand Story on Social Media
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Social media was once just a platform for connecting and playing games. Now it has evolved into the most powerful marketing channel to date. However, there are still some brands who have no or very little social media presence. There are also brands that have content that’s out-of-touch with audiences. If those descriptions fit your brand, then it’s time to for you to innovate.

Here are the reasons why you should already be updating your social media content to market your brand to Singaporean audiences:

Social media fosters a culture of sharing and storytelling.

Social media is not a traditional advertising platform, so don’t treat it like one. It is a storytelling platform. With just a click of a button, a video production Singapore audiences love may become viral globally because it talks about families.  The same goes for photos. Professional or commercial photography Singapore residents love may get earn enough engagement to become viral if it touches people’s hearts and souls. Update your content into something that will establish the closest and most heartfelt connections with your audience. By connecting closely with Singaporean audiences, they get to understand your message, and more likely to support your brand. And when your content is really good, you may even attract new customers, including expats and tourists. 

Singaporeans are the most social-media savvy among Southeast Asians.

Singapore still has the highest rate of social media penetration at 82%, the highest percentage in Southeast Asia. Brands have been responding to this consumer trend very well. In 2016, the average spend on digital marketing in Singapore surpassed the global average. Such efforts are being well-reciprocated, especially among the younger online users. They trust brands that understand them and what they feel. Create content that would not only get the attention of the most social-savvy people this side of the earth, but also make them feel understood. Remember to be on message with your brand. Don’t lose focus just because you’re trying to reach out to more audiences. When developing new material, make sure to choose a production house Singapore ad agencies and other brands trust. It’s also best to work with a production house that has expertise and significant experience in creating social media content.

Your competition is on social media.

There are more than 50 major Singapore brands on social media, and probably hundreds of smaller ones as well. Hence, it’s very likely for your competitor brands have their own social media presence. You need to be on social media to leverage against your competitors. More importantly, you have to create content that not only creates awareness, but louder buzz to gain more audiences. That way, you earn a larger digital audience share, which may likely lead to sales conversions.

Remember to make your social media content complementary with your other existing marketing initiatives. Don’t abandon one for the other, especially since Singaporean audiences still do their purchases offline. You just have to make your presence strong both online and offline to create a stronger brand.


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