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Boost Your Solo Study Sessions with These Learning Apps

Boost Your Solo Study Sessions with These Learning Apps
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One of the biggest trends in Singapore right now is study spaces. These places are just like co-working spaces but designed for independent and group study for students from secondary school to university level.

In a study space, it’s very likely that you’ll be studying and reviewing for your exams on your own. This is especially true if you’re an introvert or someone who prefers to study alone rather than in a group. Since you’re studying by yourself, it would be practical to use online or mobile apps that would help you do self-reviews.

Here are the top learning apps that you can use while reviewing alone in a study space, either outside or at home:


Brainscape is a paid online flashcards app. It breaks down complex ideas into smaller concepts and patterns that are customized to the style and pace of your learning. It focuses on improving the areas you find difficulty in before polishing your knowledge in subjects that you find easy. You can sync your flashcards across devices and even share them with your peers. That way you could help your classmates out even if you go off to your individual study spaces. Annual subscriptions cost around 36 US dollars, while a lifetime subscription costs 80 US dollars, which is a bargain, considering how much it could help you in the long run. Download the app via iTunes or Google Play.

Gradeproof AI

Gradeproof is an artificial intelligence app that helps you write essays for English class, as well as application letters in universities abroad (if you do plan on studying elsewhere). It helps improve your writing style, correct grammatical errors, and check for plagiarism. You can avail of the app’s free plan which helps you rephrase your sentences, check spelling and provides you a custom dictionary. The Pro paid subscription plan offers so much more. Aside from the three services mentioned above, it also provides advanced rephrasing and makes sure that your work sounds beautiful and eloquent as well as 50 plagiarism checks per month. Download the app from iTunes.

My Study Life

School is the number one thing that keeps Singapore teens like you busy. You have school, tuition, and individual study sessions. To keep track all of that, you need My Study Life. My Study Life is a free scheduling app which allows you to keep track of your class schedule and requirements and study schedules at the same time. With your class schedule and deadlines on hand, you’ll get to plan your study schedule better. The downside is that it takes a lot of time and effort to encode your class schedule and requirements. You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

If you are looking for a study space, then head on over to Study One Corner. They have a lot of amenities that will make studying easy even if you’re just on your own, including WiFi, powerpoints and their own pantry. Visit http://studyonecorner.com or StudyOneCorner.com to reserve a study space now!

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