As more and more people are making purchases online each day, traditional brick and mortar businesses have looked to online shops to supplement their physical businesses. This is especially true for fashion businesses where many online shops are cropping up each day to meet buyers’ demand.

The Muslim fashion market is one such fashion niche that is steadily picking up traction. What was once a traditional physical business model has greatly evolved into a global online business trend. Numerous Muslim are looking to online shops to get the latest beautiful hijab style, abayas and even burkini swimwear. And with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims around the globe, Muslim fashion business owners will definitely need to get an edge if they intend to tap on and dominate this market.

Now that you are aware of the sheer size and importance of the Muslim fashion market, let’s look into how Muslim fashion business owners are using technology to increase their sales.

Ecommerce Stores

Many Muslim fashion business owners have set up online ecommerce stores to supplement their physical stores. Many of these online stores are easy to access and navigate through, thus improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

The design and functionality of these ecommerce stores alone can make user experience seamless and convenient. When users land on an ecommerce store’s main page, they can easily browse through the store catalogue which are complete with pictures and important details. They then choose the fashion ware that they like and place their order, usually by a process called add to cart.

After placing their order, they can choose the shipping method they prefer, fill in their particulars and shipping addres. Finally, they can make payment via credit/debit card or online payment services like PayPal and wait for their order to be delivered to their shipping address.

Social Media

The next popular way Muslim fashion business owners are using technology is via social media. In addition to their ecommerce stores, these business owners will take to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to increase their exposure and customer base.

They will frequently post content with pictures and videos to advertise all their latest products, services and promotions. Social media sites also allow a more personalized service for Muslim fashion business owners as users can easily send private messages(PM) to owners directly for inquiries or even to make purchases.

There are many examples of Muslim fashion business owners that are using technology to increase sales but one noteworthy example is an online Muslimah fashion business, HijabDressUp. HijabDressUp is run by a Muslim husband and wife team since 2012, with over 99,000 fans on Facebook and 2,000 satisfied customers across the globe. It provides some of the most beautiful abaya designs, elegant maxi-dresses, trendy hijab style and beautiful burkini swimwear.

Muslim fashion business owners have used technology in many innovative ways to increase their leads and sales. They realize that in an ever changing world, they cannot just rely on old, traditional methods of marketing if they wish to remain relevant and a market dominator.

Pros and Cons of Developing an App for iOS Devices

Creating solutions for mobile users through apps is a great way of improving profits for your business. As Google rolls out its mobile-first search indexing, you’ll expect users to spend more time on their phones than on their tablets and laptops.

One of the most important development decisions you will be making is deciding which operation system (OS) you will be developing your app for. Currently, there are three OS that you could choose from: iOS, Android, and Windows. This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of developing an app for iOS devices.


You get to reach audiences coming from areas with higher income per capita.

If you are looking to attract users from North America and Europe, then iOS is the better platform for you. iOS devices are more popular in Europe and North America, which are more advanced economically than the rest of the world. That translates to more spending power. This study indicates that Apple devices are also more popular among media and business professionals.

You get to earn more from your apps.

Apple earns 45% more income per user. It’s also more likely for an iOS device user to make in-app purchases than an Android user. In the UK, 66% of e-commerce purchases are made on iOS mobile devices. Repeat purchases are also more common among Apple users. Companies with apps on the App Store made 70% more earnings than Android app developers last 2017.

iOS users are more loyal and engaged.

iOS device users are more loyal, with 62% of them reporting satisfaction with their phones and tablet computers. They also have a higher degree of app loyalty and engagement. iOS device users take more time reviewing the apps they’re downloading on their phone because they want something that is as good as the device itself. If your mobile app is truly responsive to their needs, offers a unique user experience, and has a great design, then you’re sure to have iOs device users on your side.

Developing a mobile is easier and costs less.

iOS device app developers use a closed system which requires fewer lines of code. Having fewer lines of code required translates to having fewer bugs. There is also a significantly smaller number of devices and operating systems to hurdle.


The market share is significantly smaller.

Reaching a more affluent market means gunning for a significantly smaller market share. In Singapore, only 9.54% of the market using Apple mobile devices. The number is slightly higher for Malaysia at 14.34%.

However, since iOS device users are willing to pay more for their apps, earning profits shouldn’t be a problem.


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SEO Strategies to Boost Your Rank this 2018

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more dynamic year after year. Because of the system’s growing sophistication, it’s a must for entrepreneurs like you to keep yourself updated. Here are just a few strategies that you have to take note of and practice in order to boost your rank today and onwards.

Write authoritative SEO content.

Writing has always been an SEO strategy. Combining technical SEO with written SEO leads to better ranking in page results. However, it was only recently when practitioners refined their material. Because of the growth of content marketing, SEO content writers are now challenged to constantly create relevant and authoritative content. While filler articles aren’t a thing of the past and still exist, quality SEO articles dominate online data.

A good way to start is by taking a look at the questions under the “People Also Ask” feature at the bottom of the Google search results page. You can develop articles based on actual questions people are asking.

Make sure your content is qualitative enough to be read by Google’s algorithms.

Google rewards well-written SEO content by featuring a paragraph of the article on top of the search results page. This is called a “featured snippet”. If your article is of high quality and well-researched, then Google will pull out your content from your website to appear prominently on its search engine.

How does Google determine the quality of your content?

Through its RankBrain AI system. If your article attracts a sizable traffic, then your keywords become ‘concepts’ and appear on top of the page. But if users ignore your article, RankBrain will replace yours with another that is gaining more clicks! So make sure that your article is wholly ‘clickable’. Use an enticing title, a meta description with popular keywords, and content that is educational and enjoyable to read.

Other factors that will affect your ranking are ‘Bounce Time’ and ‘Dwell Time’, which are the time spent entering and exiting your article site, and the time spent on your article, respectively.

Mine keywords from Google Adwords and online forums such as Reddit.

Google ads and online forums have recurring phrases from its users which you can use as keywords. For example, you can go on Reddit and search for “SEO Singapore” and see which terms frequently come up in the comments section.

Continue to build a strong link portfolio.

Linkbuilding is an important SEO strategy. You need to relevant, authoritative and well-researched articles on valuable websites. and industry blogs. Having good content is negligible if you put them up on spammy websites.

Work with a professional SEO agency.

Majority of businesses here turn to Singapore SEO services agencies for all their SEO needs. By engaging agencies that perform SEO services Singapore companies are able to concentrate on improving their core business while the agency takes care of its online ranking needs. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking, we advice seeking the assistance of a professional SEO agency than doing it independently.



Why Your Mobile App Needs SEO

Mobile apps provide quick and efficient solutions to everyday tasks and convenient access to news and entertainment. They’re easy to find and download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play. If mobile apps are so popular and accessible, why then do they still need search engine optimisation (SEO)?

If you’re reading this article, that’s probably because you own a mobile app, or work for a company that develops mobile apps. In any case, you’ll get find this article very useful.

Here are reasons why you need SEO for your app:

A more powerful optimisation strategy

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is a tool used to rank higher and increase the number of installs in the App Store or Google Play. There may be some of you who are already implementing this strategy. However, supplementing ASO with SEO is a better and more powerful way for your app to conquer the digital space and get more installs. Having an ASO-SEO strategy will help you cover all bases, reach farther and get more users to use your product.

Organic installs

Organic downloads are just as good as organic online sales – they attest to the app’s intrinsic value and utility.

SEO will help increase the visibility and volume of organic downloads of your app. According to Google, “one in four app users discover apps through a search engine.” The same report also states that search is more effective for technology, travel, and local apps.

Using thorough keyword research, your mobile app can appear in search results through organic short snippets and app packs. It can also appear as the subject of written articles.

Mobile retail conversions

App discoverability is key to increasing mobile retail conversions. This is especially true for travel, food and entertainment apps which offer discounts and paid subscriptions. If your app is not discoverable, how can people actually download and use it? You need to promote your app online in order for you to gain more revenue for it.

In 2015, Google began including new apps on search results for organic mobile searches. Through a dedicated portion for apps on Google’s search results page, you can appear and promote your app to people who would find it convenient.


Using SEO content marketing can help your mobile app lead in its category. There’s a wide range of themes available for you to base your SEO content on from app reviews on tech blogs to instructional articles. You can even write listicles about how your app can be useful in different situations. By producing a lot of relevant and valuable SEO content, you’re able to position yourself as a trusted authority, which then would lead to more searches and more installs.

Best SEO Services in Singapore

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Online travel guides have been cropping up a lot lately, now that more people are travelling abroad with some even working and living the nomadic lifestyle. Amidst the countless online travel guides, there is a specific niche catering to the Muslim community. These guides promote everything related to Muslim friendly countries such as halal buffet restaurants in Singapore, halal hotel in Bangkok and even best halal food in London.

However, these guides are not just jumping on the Muslim bandwagon but are utilizing cutting edge digital marketing to promote their sites. And this aspect will set the impetus for the rest of the article, so read on to find out more.

Web 2.0 Websites

The first type of digital marketing that these online Halal guides are using are Web 2.0 websites like Weebly & WordPress. Web 2.0 sites offer many interesting features such as attractive templates, widgets, chat bots, contact forms, opt in forms to subscribe to newsletters and much more.

Having these features on their sites will enable webmasters to engage their  target market better by providing a more user friendly and interactive experience with their visitors. This in turn will improve conversion rates and increase revenue for the site owners.

Social Media

Ever since social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram exploded into the online scene over the last decade, many online users have latched onto these platforms to boost their profiles,  websites and even popularity. Online Halal & Muslim friendly guides have also seen the many benefits of social media and capitilize on it.

They upload almost everything from new headline attractive posts, eye catching pictures and features about their services on various social media sites. They have even used social media sites to buy ads and attract traffic. Of course, the most interesting thing about social media sites is that if any of the posts becomes immensely popular and goes viral, this will bring in an almost instant ripple effect and scores of new potential traffic and leads to the website.

Content Marketing

The next and one of the more crucial aspects of digital marketing that online Halal guides are tapping on is content marketing. As Google, the leading online search engine has said, put up fresh, relevant content and the traffic will come. So here is where these site owners have constantly created new, fresh and trending contents on their websites. These come in numerous forms such as 5oo or more word articles packed with pictures, interactive and eye pleasing infographics and of course, interesting and engaging videos.

But putting up the content is just part of the equation to rack in more traffic. These site users then utilize advanced content marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) to rank higher on Search Engines, email marketing to engage their list of subscribers, social bookmarking to inform their social media followers of fresh content on their websites and much more.

Online halal and Muslim friendly guides know the power of digital marketing and have harnessed it to increase the popularity of their websites. One such website which you should definitely visit is HalalGo, which offers Muslim friendly guide such as halal places in Tokyobest halal restaurants in New York and even halal food in Hong Kong, is a prime example of how digital marketing has been utilized effectively to reap its benefits.

Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important drivers of business in today’s world. With businesses saturating the online marketplace, it’s essential for you to adopt this strategy in order to stand out or at least keep up with the pace of commerce today. If you’re not doing any content marketing initiatives yet, then read up on why you should. Here are the reasons why your business needs content marketing:

Content marketing increases your visibility online.

Content marketing basically tells people that you have a brand and that you have something to say that’s valuable in their lives. People skip through run-of-the-mill profit-based material such as banner ads. They now go straight to searching for and reading content they would find significant in their lives.

One of the most powerful content marketing tools is SEO content writing. SEO content writing refers to the process of writing audience-centric content and optimizing them to appear on the first page of results on users’ search engines. SEO content writing makes it easier for users to find valuable content and for brands to capture the right prospective customers.

Content marketing strengthens your brand.

Great content is visible, valuable and consistent. A strong content marketing strategy reflects a consistent brand message throughout all platforms that require written content: blogs, social media, and websites.

Content marketing builds trust among your customers.

LinkedIn is the prime example of a content marketing platform. One of its best features is the “Follow” feature which allows you to follow brands and prominent industry players for their insights and advice. By consistently offering valuable knowledge and insights, corporate and personal brands are able to establish themselves as experts worthy of the trust of working professionals everywhere. And by choosing who to follow, professionals are able to determine who they can trust to give them advice in terms of business and professional development. That’s how awesome content marketing works.

Content marketing helps you expand your reach.

If you make good written content, chances are people will be sharing them over social media or dinner with friends. This is a reason why a lot of tourism brands create list articles (such as “The top 10 Types of Street Food to Try in Taiwan”) because they know how much following that kind of content brings.

Businesses like yours have two options available: either you do SEO content writing in-house, or you outsource content writing services from experts. If you have a marketing department, then they can do SEO content writing for you. Because they know your business’ ins and outs and branding, then surely they can always find something to write about. However, the success of this strategy won’t be certain for you since they may not be equipped with the right writing skills. They may also lack the time to write. Hence, you need someone who can dedicate their time to you, such as a content marketing services agency.

Do you have any thoughts about content marketing? Do let us know in the comments!

Introduction To Search Engine Optimization in Singapore

Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is the process by which one tries to improve a particular web page’s search engine results rankings. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! display links that direct people to pages that they deem to be authoritative and relevant to the keywords that are searched for. When it comes to being authoritative, major search engines normally measure it according to the quality and number of links to a particular website that come from other pages on the Internet. Simply put, a web page that has many other webpages linking back to it have a great potential for ranking well on search engine results for certain keywords.

What encourages other web pages to link to others is the quality of content. This shows the major search engines that a particular webpage is both authoritative and relevant or interesting. In turn, this may significantly improve a web page’s search engine rankings because search engines want to give its users the best web pages in relation to specific keywords entered.

While most companies in Singapore employ a multi-channel digital marketing strategy to improve their SEO for ecommerce website or any web pages, the most important and vital component to their success is placing importance on organic traffic, as this is one of, if not the most, stable traffic source there is. There will always be people searching for stuff online, and Google will continue to dominate search in at least the next decade – until a disruptor comes along, but that’s another topic.

So what actually goes into the content marketing services for a SEO Agency in Singapore? Each of these companies has their own unique circumstances, budgets and constraints, and hence certain permutations and features of their strategy differ.

These components mainly focus on the 2 objectives of building domain authority and enhancing domain relevance. So how does a company do it? Before we get into the how, let’s address the why.

In our line of work, we’ve analyzed thousands of sites that are enjoying top page rankings for their respective industries, scoured pages of data and summarized our findings to this formula:

High Authority + High Relevance = Top Rankings

We found pages that are ranked for ‘tough’ keywords with little to no backlinks, social signals or other fancy mumbo jumbo grey hat SEO’s like to do. But these pages are there because they’re not only relevant to the keyword being searched, but also riding on the authority that their homepage domains have.

Given that search engines rank web pages that they deem to be most authoritative and relevant, you’ll need to make your web pages meet those criteria. How can you do that?
You can do this primarily by producing content that many people will find interesting and useful. When you populate your web pages with interesting and useful content, the chances of them sharing your content – and increasing the number of quality links to your web page – becomes significantly higher. When this happens, search engines will eventually notice the increasing number of such links, which they will interpret as an increasing sense of authoritativeness.

While you can produce your own content and improve your ranking for ecommerce SEO, it is definitely very time consuming and tedious. A much more convenient and effective method is to engage an experienced Singapore SEO company like Night Owl, to do it for you while you sit back, relax and watch your web pages rankings soar on search engines.

Boost Your Solo Study Sessions with These Learning Apps

One of the biggest trends in Singapore right now is study spaces. These places are just like co-working spaces but designed for independent and group study for students from secondary school to university level.

In a study space, it’s very likely that you’ll be studying and reviewing for your exams on your own. This is especially true if you’re an introvert or someone who prefers to study alone rather than in a group. Since you’re studying by yourself, it would be practical to use online or mobile apps that would help you do self-reviews.

Here are the top learning apps that you can use while reviewing alone in a study space, either outside or at home:


Brainscape is a paid online flashcards app. It breaks down complex ideas into smaller concepts and patterns that are customized to the style and pace of your learning. It focuses on improving the areas you find difficulty in before polishing your knowledge in subjects that you find easy. You can sync your flashcards across devices and even share them with your peers. That way you could help your classmates out even if you go off to your individual study spaces. Annual subscriptions cost around 36 US dollars, while a lifetime subscription costs 80 US dollars, which is a bargain, considering how much it could help you in the long run. Download the app via iTunes or Google Play.

Gradeproof AI

Gradeproof is an artificial intelligence app that helps you write essays for English class, as well as application letters in universities abroad (if you do plan on studying elsewhere). It helps improve your writing style, correct grammatical errors, and check for plagiarism. You can avail of the app’s free plan which helps you rephrase your sentences, check spelling and provides you a custom dictionary. The Pro paid subscription plan offers so much more. Aside from the three services mentioned above, it also provides advanced rephrasing and makes sure that your work sounds beautiful and eloquent as well as 50 plagiarism checks per month. Download the app from iTunes.

My Study Life

School is the number one thing that keeps Singapore teens like you busy. You have school, tuition, and individual study sessions. To keep track all of that, you need My Study Life. My Study Life is a free scheduling app which allows you to keep track of your class schedule and requirements and study schedules at the same time. With your class schedule and deadlines on hand, you’ll get to plan your study schedule better. The downside is that it takes a lot of time and effort to encode your class schedule and requirements. You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play.

If you are looking for a study space, then head on over to Study One Corner. They have a lot of amenities that will make studying easy even if you’re just on your own, including WiFi, powerpoints and their own pantry. Visit or to reserve a study space now!

How Social Media is Changing Commercial Photography

Social media is one of the most important influences in society today. In the past decade, it has helped shape the way people write, view the world, think, and do business. It brought the wonders of travel to the fore and made spirited debates a normal part of life. The most important part of social media was that it was able to change various professional industries as a whole.

Commercial Photography and Social Media

Marketing, advertising, and professional photography are just some of the industries that evolved thanks to social media. Major brands are investing in social media marketing, creating viral videos and engaging their consumers personally. To create more engagement, brands depict trends and stories on their commercial photographs and not just products. They also use photos taken used on mobile phones to make themselves look more authentic, hence appealing to the social media savvy millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Where commercial photography appears today

Commercial photography has gone beyond magazine covers and product packaging. Nowadays, you can see commercial photography on all facets of social media. You would see the work of commercial photographers on Facebook and Instagram posts and on Sponsored Ads. While brands still use product photography, a majority of images depict people and strong messaging through stories to create engagement. The result of this is more valuable commercial photography. Commercial photography now goes beyond its traditional meaning of shooting images for profit. Commercial photographs today serve as tools for meaningful engagement, and not just for profit.

Social media has also influenced brand endorsements and market segmentation. While there are brands that still utilize major public personalities in traditional ads, a larger majority uses influencers (both ordinary people and celebrities) to promote their product through social media accounts. Formal photo shoots are not anymore just for print and digital advertising but social media posts as well. So if you see a perfectly-crafted Instagram post from an influencer, it’s highly likely that he or she had a commercial photographer shoot his or her photos.

Commercial photography used to cater to larger markets, for example, consumer class A. Now, influencers use commercial photography to cater to their followers, which are smaller market segments. If an influencer’s photos appeal to middle-class young mothers from Singapore, then all her photos should appeal to them. When it comes to commercial photography Singapore follows these global trends.

Commercial photographs are also used as stock photos. Stock photos have been around a little longer than social media, but social media made them more useful. A lot of brands, especially smaller ones, use stock photos in their social media material amd blogs.

A trusted Commercial Photo and Video Company

Frame by Frame, a production house in Singapore, specialises in commercial photography and video production. They have commercial photographers across Singapore, Asia and Europe to cater to all your commercial photography needs wherever you may be. The office of the Singapore video production studio is located at Hamilton Road. For more enquiries visit their website.