Why Your Site Needs To Go Mobile Now

If you have not made your site accessible to mobile devices, you really need to – read on to see why!


If your site will only load properly on a laptop, then you are cutting yourself off from a potentially wider audience.

The fact is, that more people own a smartphone, than they do a laptop or desktop PC.

Here are some smart phone stats for you to ponder on.

80% of UK adults currently own a smartphone device of some kind.

One in ten people admit to checking their phone immediately on waking in the morning and a further 33% said that they check it within five minutes of getting up– although we personally think that this statistic could be much higher!


Also, people are not only using their smartphone to make calls, texts or even just go on social media with. They are increasingly using their smartphone as a way of searching and ultimately, shopping on the internet.

Since 2016, Google has reported that at least 60% of searches on its engines take place from a mobile device. And that number is set to rise.

However, many smaller businesses are failing to take full advantage of this fact.

Often, their sites will be difficult to load on a mobile device and infrequently updated.

This means, not only does it immediately dissuade customers from finding these smaller local businesses, but it also leads to a decrease in the Google ranking for these sites.

This is bad news for these smaller, less web savvy businesses all round.

In order to stay competitive and be able to command their fair share of the market against the larger players, local businesses need to ensure that their websites will not only load and work on a mobile phone, but also look attractive.

This means the landing page has to load smoothly and look sensational – to both the customer and the search engine bots.

Search engines are now giving priority to sites which are mobile friendly, so if it is one thing that your business does today, to boost its marketing potential, it should this.

Easy navigation, links that work and graphics that look great and don’t crash are the way to go for your mobile friendly site.


But there are more reasons than just this to attract the mobile pound.

It has been shown that people are increasingly using their phones to search for stores and even make purchases whilst out on the high street.

Some of these sales are even made whilst shopping in store.

Shops and businesses need to recognise the fact that customers are often buying things from their stores, whilst they are in them.

Possibly, this could be taken advantage of by retailers offering shopping codes direct to the customer’s phone, to save money on the next purchase.

Sometimes, the customer may simply be trying to avoid the queue – some food and drink chains have introduced instant ordering by mobile device.

This is something that pub chain Wetherspoons has recently adopted and they will not be the last to do so.

Any way that you can think of making it easier for your customer to spend their money, is good news for your business.


The internet is not the only way to get to your customers. Let’s not forget that a smartphone is still, well, a phone, at the end of the day.

Customers respond far more positively to an SMS text message than they do to email marketing.

98% of messages sent this way will be opened instantly and an impressive 90% will be opened within three minutes. This is massively higher than any other medium of communication.